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Atalaia Hotels

Atalaia and Deniké are a small team of individuals who work under the same philosophy: every detail matters. We tailor our services to your needs, designing the experiences you want to have in our region.
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In the heart of the historic district

Our locations, right in the heart of the historic district, are undoubtedly an added value. For a few days, you can become part of the charm of this city, living alongside the residents and sharing their everyday life in a historic neighborhood with its unique character. We have specialized in offering a stay where calm and tranquility take on the utmost importance. The hustle and bustle can be found on the streets and in the squares.

Buffet breakfast

At our hotel you will enjoy a “Market Breakfast” with KM0 products. We can tell you the stalls in the Plaza de Abastos where you can buy them and take them home…

The cheeses, the Santiago cake, the honey… have a Designation of Origin, which certifies their Galician origin and the Galicia Calidade seal, which guarantees that they have passed all established quality controls and standards.

We offer market breakfast, Km0, served from the Plaza de Abastos. Our products are denomination of origin certified with the Galicia Calidade seal, guaranteeing users and consumers that they have passed the established quality controls and regulations, in addition to certifying their Galician origin.

Galician Bread: It is a bread with a crunchy crust, soft crumb and numerous irregular “eyes”. It is made by hand with soft wheat flour (Triticum aestivum L.), from varieties of different indigenous Galician wheats (commonly known as “trigo do País”,: ours is brought daily from a family bakery with a long history, Panadería Amenal in O Pino.
Flower Power Honey: awarded Best Multifloral Honey from Galicia 2020 and Gold – London Honey Awards 2021.
Tarta de Santiago: from Tartas Ancano, since 1914. They are made in Portomarín, one of the emblematic places of the last section of the French Way.
Homemade cake: prepared daily in our facilities according to the traditional style.
Crushed garden tomatoes.
Freshly squeezed fresh orange juice.

Artisan-made jams The old factory.
Arzúa-Ulloa Cheese: D.O.P. It is made with cow’s milk, natural and whole, raw or pasteurized, from the breeds: Galician blonde, Friesian, brown-Alpine and their crosses.
Tetilla Cheese: D.O.P. It is the best known of the Galician cheeses; with a thin and elastic crust, made of soft and creamy dough. Soft and slightly acidic, buttery and somewhat salty.
Larsa Yogurts: made with pastured milk from our land. Larsa is the first Grassfed Milk brand certified by SGS, a leading entity in inspection and verification. This seal guarantees that the cows enjoy life outdoors and natural nutrition.
Coren Ham: 100% Galician. The chestnut intended to feed the Selecta Range pigs comes entirely from Galicia, is harvested in season and then peeled, cooked and frozen, in order to be available for feeding all year round.
Kiwi Atlántico: With more than 30 years producing the best kiwi in Spain and betting on innovation.